NAME: Vollor

LIFESPAN: The smallest lifespan is 2 years and the longest is 20 years depending on the species

CLASS: Can range up to small tier 7 or large tier 3 depending on the species

DIET: Red meat or white meat of large class medium to class small

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a cannon drawing of a pack of vollors by jl0773

PREDATORS: *work in progress* FAMILY: Vollareon

TYPE: Mamileon

TREE: Crozy

PLACES IT INHABITS: Several different species inhabit different locations all over the world.

NAME MEANS: good boy

COLORS: Many species have different colors and patterns, but the most common you will see is a dark brown top with a brown middle and finally a light brown under belly.


The Vollor is 1-5 feet depending on the species and usually has a wide dog like head with a large mussel and no ear lobes and a large mouth. a Vollor might also has a patch of spikes on its body and depending on the gender is here that have spikes as well as two elongated teeth also depending on the gender, as well as a long tail with a thick base.

The Vollor is a crozy which means it will have three toes on both limbs and only two limbs. and the Vollor's demeanor and personality is a lot like a wild dog or maybe a coyote as well as some interesting traits as well duo to its higher intelligence. The Vollors also has spikes with males having spikes on its back with a high concentration in the middle of its back and females with spikes on its underbelly with a high in the tail and males also have elongated teeth on its lower jaw and with females their upper jaw and the reason for this is because of their hunting strategy with both genders filling a role with the males pining down the prey and the females latching on or slashing at the victim.

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Drawing of the Vollor by 0Just0Peachy0


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Non-canon drawing of the Vollor by Catsarejustshortferrets

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