NAME: V Tooth

LIFESPAN: 5-8 years

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a cannon drawing of the v tooth by jl0773

CLASS: Small tier 5

DIET: Insects, parasites as well as non-insect animals at class small tier 2 and below

PREDATORS: It has very few predators because it has a symbiotic relationship with most class large animals, but its biggest threat are other creatures in upper class small and lower class medium that are predatoristic

FAMILY: Unknown

TYPE: Mamileon

TREE: Ziptic

PLACES IT INHABITS: Anywhere with large suitable animals or a habitat perfect for its pray at 10-60

NAME MEANS: Voracious toothed friend.

COLORS: Each individual is a random combination of the following colors beige, gold, white, black, yellow and brown coat


The V Tooth is an 7 inch Ziptic mammal that walks on all fours. The V Tooth has large pointed ears large fingered paws and a pointed mussel with a small nose, and the V Tooth also has long tails and a thin torso to crawl in small spaces. On its upper jaw has two very large and skinny K nine teeth which when broken can regrow, but the teeth does not grow contently so this adaptation is very useful.

The V Tooth if a Ziptic which means it has six limbs two tails and four eyes two of which are eye stokes. the V tooth also has a complex symbiotic relationship with many large animals as a parasite remover. The V Tooth also depending on where they live digs in the ground as well as make a nest in the small tunnels and V Teeth live in a small community with each other in non intersecting small borrows. and when a V Tooth spots an infested animal that wants their assistance the V Tooth will notify the rest of the V Teeth. The V Tooth also mates for life long living together taking turns on house keeping foraging and keeping a lookout. V Teeth that live in less forgiving places where they can't have a permanent home or can't make a home at all a V Tooth will live on a animal itself where there are no communities of them or if inhabiting a animal that lives in herds, a community of V Teeth will live on them where the heard are their homes.

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