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Echinopod is a spiny-footed quadreped. It's main aspect is is spiky feet which keep its feet tough and safe, and will kick enemies in self defense, lodging high-power spines into them causing intense pain, sending the message "don't mess with me." they're relatively small herbivores, and will only harm you if you harm them

Huge-tusked animals commonly used to carry cargo across long distances due to their high metabolism and distribution of energy, also because of their very broad backs that have a lot of room to carry cargo. The tusks are used during mating season when males fight it out over territory or a mate. They are light gray or brown, and are becoming increasingly rare in the wild due to being a vulnerable spot for predators

Platyderm means broad skin because it has a lot of flat skin, it looks sort of like a blobby pancake. It drifts around eating little insects and things before asexually reproducing by growing a young platyderm inside it...which eats all the food, then bursts through the parent, causing it to die of both starvation and injury

Hydropod means "Water foot." They are mammal-like creatures renowned for their ability to walk on water. They use this tactic called intense friction to using heat to propel themselves across water withought having to sink. As a defense mechanism, they will spit blood onto their enemies, but it's blood, their life force, so it really drains them, and they can't walk on water after that. Due to their diet of poisonous "Necrodew Leaves," they have dangerous pathogens and toxins in their blood that can fatally harm you when you're spat on, causing blinding, pain, and occasionally paralyzation and death can be transmitted through mosquito bites.

Necrodew Leaves are plants. It means Death dew. They carry diseases and toxins on them as a defense against predators that their predators have adapted to overcome, such as the hydropod. They look like standard rhododendron, but once you touch it, that's it.

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A 28 inch dragonfly that feeds on mushrooms they are hunted by reptilia they have 360 vision and leave pheromones to show where danger is. they can fly at a maximum speed of upto 54 km/h to avoid predators.



Meaning Serpent a moderate sized serpant that preys on Gigavespertilio.

They are known to crack rocks by slamming thier thisck sculls into the ground then brurrowing under them into caves into caves where it has an open hunting season on Gigavespertilio.

Found on mountains and in and around caves.

  • They see in thermal vision
  • Constrictor
  • Thick sculls
  • Dont hiss to avoid detection from the Gigavespertilio ecolocation
  • They cause echos to spook Gigavespertilio into runing trowards them where they will strike
  • They cause echos by slamming thier head into the ground
  • Taking suggestions on more features



Reptilia Meaning crawler in latin is a Creature that only apears in mushroom forests they have the ability to blend into thier surroundings they have two limbs and a tail


They eat insects such as Meganeura that feed on the mushrooms and have been seen eating a dead shroomer it is unknown how the shroomer died however it is unlikley the reptillia killed it as it has only been documented once.


Reptilia live together in groups of upto 20 they repoduse often but they only live 3 or 4 years

Explorers note: there are six reptilia in this image.

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Cycloo is a creature that is a form a cell can take. When it becomes a Cycloo, it usually becomes something else or dies in the next year. It slithers around on the ground and is a herbivore. They live in groups of under 5 and have to escape bigger creatures constantly. The Cycloo is about 7cm tall, so they are quite small.

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