NAME: Tentrea

LIFESPAN: 7-8 years

CLASS: Small teir 5


a cannon drawing of a tentrea by jl0773

DIET: Any insect, arachnid, and parasite smaller or the same size as it

PREDATORS: Any predators that are larger than it that aren't in a symbiotic relationship with it

FAMILY: Kengof

TYPE: Mamileon

TREE: Ziptic

PLACES IT INHABITS: Anywhere with large suitable animals or a habitat perfect for its prey at 40*-90*

NAME MEANS: False tentacle

COLORS: It's dull brown with beautiful reservations of colors. This includes shades of mostly purple, but also blue and red around the eye, mouth, neck, and back limbs


The Tentrea is 7.5 inches tall and has a long neck, long tails, and long limbs. Its head is sort of oval-faced on the side, but when its face from the front, you can see that the muscle is the same size as the rest of the head. If viewed on its side, it also stands up semi correctly kind of like a crow or raven.

The Tentrea is a Ziptic which means it has six limbs, two simple eyestalks, and two tails, and also has a symbiotic relationship with many large animals as a parasite remover, but also is not fully dependent on them and will actively hunt many insects, even those larger than itself, and just like the Killolap, the Tentrea has fused super claws on its forearms, but on its back legs, it has toes, about four of them with relatively medium claws.

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