NAME: Switcharoo

LIFESPAN: 15-20 years

CLASS: Medium tier 1

DIET: Mostly red meat from large creatures, a pack of them killed, but it scavenges and steals a lot

PREDATORS: It has various predators

FAMILY: unknown

TYPE: coven

TREE: Hipocandus

PLACES IT INHABITS: It lives in large open planes and savannas in the easter and eastern hemispheres at 50* to 90*

NAME MEANS: Switch'ed limbs

COLORS: It's a dark tan with brown stripes


the Switcharoo is a 1 foot land covens(bats). but unlike other land drelling covens its limbs have switch roils. whith its fore limbs acting like lages and its back limbs acting like arms and the reason for this is uknown. the Switcharoo has a flat face, slinder pointed ears, large razer sharp teeth, and small eyes that can remarkably see well coppled whith a short tail. the Switcharoo allso has stripes to better blend into the grass.

the Switcharoo all thoe it is small, its a feard preditor, so deadly infact a pack of 10 can easaly kill a creatchur 10 times there waght. by running on all fore limbs and then atacking whith its back limbs and biteing out large chunks from its pray. and one last thing, Switcharoo young piggyback ride on there tarisying yet carring moms just like how flying covens do. just telling you.

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