NAME: Reetomobus

LIFESPAN: 15-20 years

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a cannon drawing of a reetomobus by jl0773

CLASS: Giant tier 2

DIET: Its diet consists of anything that is a plant or animal that can be swallowed or chopped up and swallowed

PREDITORS: There are creatures yet larger than even the Reetomobus and giant tier 5 aquatic predators might use the Reetombus as a slow food source, but it has some defenses to combat with these predators

FAMILY: unkown

TYPE: we dont know the spceciic name of the fish group

TREE: Crozy

PLACES IT INHABITS: A Reetomobus can only live in parts of the ocean where's it's mostly populated of fish and other sea creatures

NAME MEANS: Eating World Fish

COLORS: Reetomobus scale color depend on where it is swimming for example, if the Reetomobus goes deep under the ocean it's scales turn dark to match the darkness and if the Reetomobus swims up to the surface it's scales will become lighter

DESCRIPTIONS: The Reetomobus is a giant 20 feet sea creature that has almost like an ant-like society, but more about that later the Reetomobus has a large 7-foot wide mouth, but an adult Reetomobus has a strong back fin but every small fins regardless besides its back fin, and has sharp pointy dagger-like teeth and very sharp dorsal fins, as well as a large thick body not at all slender like other fish and the young, have pretty much the same as adults, but with a very slender body, but less flat and extremely large fins as big as the rest of the body.

The Reetomobus looks just like any other fish in the Crozy group a large back fin for moving forward and two other main fins for lift and steering. but the Reetomobus has two very small fins unable to support itself while swimming as its young support it and help it swim which is why the Reetomobus is a fish that you will never see alone because of how many smaller Reetomobus it creates every single day, and because it can store up to thousands of eggs this is the very reason why it can't swim, but its young feeds, clean and uses their queen as a weapon thanks for her very large mouth.


Canon Image of the Reetomobus by jl0773

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A non-canon drawing of Reetomobus by Catsarejustshortferrets

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