NAME: Movet

LIFESPAN: 100-500 years

CLASS: Huge tier 8


A cannon drawing of a Movet family by jl073

DIET: Anything that is flora

PREDATORS: it has no predators once it reaches a size of 15 feet (10 years in Movet years) but can die from parasites

FAMILY: Unkown

TYPE: Mamileon

TREE: Crozy

PLACES IT INHABITS: Any whare with suitable food and temperature and sunlight for large plants

NAME MEANS: Giant beauty

COLORS: It can be an array of dull and brown and tan as well as yellow but is probably to pale to have noticeable coloration


The Movet if a 50 feet tall crozy mammals that has two horn-like appendage like growths made from its cheekbone to help dig out dirt and two strong legs with a very tough and thick underbelly, the Movet also has a cartilage ribcage growing of there main bone ribs to form a disc shape filled with dirt in which plants grow that supply the Movet which sugar and energy while hibernating the Movet also has a long neck to spot danger and eat.

The Movet has many things that stop its huge size from killing it. The Movet doesn't produce body heat and if needed can do the opposite so it won't cook its insides and most of the Movets bones are hollow and filled with Zolench mixed with iron to keep the extra weight off and the Movet also eat a lot and sleeps a lot. When the Movet sleeps it buries itself while plants supply the Movet with energy so the Movet can store it when the Movet is on the move, so it then can use the energy from the plants (because i hasenten eaten in months or even years) and the Movet when not hibernating will move in large herds to travel from point A to point B in the search of new areas for food and for a suitable place for its loved ones and energy giving plants that are on its back, and while doing this the Movets socialize, teach their young and mate, but unknowingly does a important role to its environment by spreading seeds and making new forest, but at the same time destroying sick or old ones by eating them thus refreshing ecosystems. The Movet also has the extraordinary ability to give birth to litters of 1-4 which is unusual for a creature of its size and is a great parent as well.

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