NAME: Lippy

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A mother jungle Lippy in a grassy clearing by jl0773

LIFESPAN: Many species have different lifespans with being between 20-50 years

CLASS: medium tier 1 to large tier 8

DIET: All species are herbivores

PREDATORS: Many different species have different predators

FAMILY: Tatherorn

TYPE: Mamileon

TREE: Crozy

PLACES IT INHABITS: Many species have different places they inhabit

NAME MEANS: Many species have a different meaning to their name

COLORS: Mostly dark brown but some have different colors to suit there environment


The Lippy is usually a large mouthed creature that uses its mouth in many diffrent ways. The Lippy usually has two big eyes with two large legs since it's in the Crozy tree. Most Lippys have tentacles near the ear canale which evolved from their ear lobe and these tentacles are usually used for intimidation.

Most Lippys use their versatile mouth to do amazing things, usually they strip grass from the ground to leaves from trees within their mouths, but some use them in other ways, like the Lippys in the north pole, somewhere there's a special volcano somewhere in there, that admits very nutritious smoke in which helps bacterial growth in a one mile radius in which these special Lippys suck from the ground, well these Lippys take care of their children by keeping them warm in their mouths, there is also a species of lippy that live in high mountains that cling on with their mouths.

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