NAME: Killolap

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a cannon drawing from jl0773

LIFESPAN: 3-5 years

CLASS: Small tier 3

DIET: It mostly eats many types of insects but if given the chance will eat any kind of meat in the red and white variants

PREDATORS: It has many predators due to an individual size, but when in a group they have a lower chance of having predators attack


TYPE: Mamileon

TREE: Ziptic

PLACES IT INHABITS: Just about anywhere 10*-80* with suitable nesting conditions.

NAME MEANS: Tiny monster

COLORS: Its coat comes in brown-black, white as well as dark brown and light brown.


The Killolap is a small 6 inch mammalian that hunts, gathers, and nest in large groups of 10-40. They nest in tunnels soft dirt or crevices in rock formations. as you can tell they are very social and can take down prey much larger than themselves by swarming them. Although the Killolap sounds like it has the lifestyle of a mole, it is quite terrestrial and can run at 13 miles per hour.

The Killolap looks like an average mammalian but because it is in the group Ziptic. It of coarse has six limbs as well as four eyes two of which are simple eye stokes and as well two tails just like an average small animal in the Ziptic group, but this specimen has the adaptation of fused claws on all of its paws. A perfect tool for stabbing and digging although it is a downside for mobility and climbing. It also has tow exposed bones adapted for defense on the end of its tails. If the Killolap is threaten it will use these. The Killolap also has two elongated teeth at the upper front row pointing down. These are used for attack and are excellent for latching on prey and do more damage.

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