NAME: Goosen

LIFESPAN: 10-years

CLASS: small tier 7

DIET: eats incects but are big enough to hunt reptiles smaller than it and mammals slightly bigger then it's self

PREDATORS: it has a variety of predtitors bigger taen it

FAMILY: unknown

TYPE: Mamileon

TREE: crozy

PLACES IT INHABITS: it seems to inhabit the westeren himihpfer

NAME MEANS: unkown

COLORS: mostly a tan but some have ben known to be brown or a mix of brown and tan


the Goosen if an 8 -inch manual that is basically the ziptic equivalent of a wezile but has i little bit more insect in its diet. the goosen has a long slender body with an average arm lankf and lang tails both with a thick bace. the Goosen also has a rounded head and tow thick canine teeth to grab ahold of pray. the Goosen also have tow big ears that can do a full 360 digry spin to not get dirt in its ears.

the Goosen although eats its fair share of bugs it can and will hunt for multiple species. and they favor towards hunting rodents eshpechle mice, rats, ground-dwelling critters, and rabbit and rabbit-like species, and can hunt all of there's with its seed and killer ability and the Goosen can dig easily aswell.

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