The Gogof is a tier-5 animal first introduced in Season 1. It is a ziptic and an herbivore and are very common to find.


The name comes from Common Speak, and it means "Peaceful Wanderer," Gog being a shortened form of "Gogyl" meaning literally "at peace." The "gof" suffix means wanderer or walker with no path symbolizing that the gogof has no confined territory and will walk and graze upon hours.


The Gogof is a large 6.5 feet herbivore that has the niche much like wildebeest. Although they live in a more parry environment and don't migrate in such large groups, they still are a major and widespread herbivore.

The Gogof is a Ziptic herbivore which means it has six limbs four eyes two are relatively large eye stocks as well as two tails, but what is strange about the Gogof is that it has a club on both of the tails. These two tails are a great defense. These clubs also come in handy because the Gogof does not have pachyderm like skin and horns, but other than that for a defense the Gogof has unusual long eye stocks, and although the Gogof is pretty bulky and does not look very flexible, they are pretty agile and fast.

Drawing of Gogof by JacobHunter2005

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