The Gigavespertilio are omnivorous scavengers they will rarely attck other creatures however it has been documented that a swarm attacked a Varijikocalman and flew away with the weaker of the pack and left the adults to hurt to move.

The meat will be taken back to the roost where it will be shared with related members of the colony.

Class:  Large Tier 1

Many tribal racoonas hunt Gigavespertilio for medical reasons believing thier blood to has healing properties, a protein in the venom of a Meganeura can help treat strokes and prevent blood clots.

Gigavespertilio will only leave shelter at night in the desert this may be because of the heat or the fact they live alone in desert boimes.


Its name derives from Latin that means Giant Bat this was learnt by racconas after finding documentation of smaller Verspertillo in the ruined city biome. 


It has two large wings purple mussle structureand red wings it has 2 eyes however it is completely blind and only hears its prey. It uses ecolocation to find the location of prey.

Gigavespertilio has 2 fangs that transmit venom however this can only be found in species living in the african sahara they may have developed this trait to help defend themselves against  predators even larger than coatlātl.

Only documented to live in communal roosts, in the caves and ravines of the distant Rocky Mountains. They sleep during the freezing desert night, huddling together to keep warm

Explorer's Note: Gigavespertilio can sweat blood to reduce the glares of the sun.

Explorer's Note: They circle like vultures, seeking an easy meal on the ground they will even scavenge food by scaring off potential preadators and stealing thier prey carcases.

Explorer's Note: When food is particularly scarce, Gigavespertilio go into a state of torpor,

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