NAME: Gelk

LIFESPAN: Many different species have different lifespans depending on the species but the shortest is 4 years and the longest is 30 years

CLASS: many different species have different classes depending on the species but the smallest is class medium tier 4 and the largest is huge tier 5

DIET: Many different species have different diets depending on the species on plants

PREDATORS: Many different species have different preditors depending on the species

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a cannon drawing of a gelk breed known as a delk that is chilling. by jl0773

FAMILY: Glexeon

TYPE: Mamileon

TREE: Crozy

PLACES IT INHABITS: Several different species inhabit different locations all over the world as long as there are plentiful food water and open space and or forest


COLORS: Different species have different colors but the most common colors ate dark beige-ish tan and brown usually darker on the top and lower on the bottom its liter


The Gelk is a geinus that is 2-20 foot tall horse like genus that looks nothing like a horse, sure there are many different species of Gelk, but most of them have a long upright and thick neck with a head as thick as its neck with three horns two thick and tall eye stocks and a large mussel less mouth that droops down below its small nostrils, and a small hump on its back made from an emergency energy-rich and light fat, and a very long tail with a thick brace that gets Skinner the further away you go from the body, and with slender long legs that look almost like the taller back legs of a horse, and the Gelk also has a larger and thicker hair on its back and the tip of its tail as well as on the back of its neck.

The Gelk is a Crozy so that means that the Gelk only has two legs both with hooves that have three segments that better grasp the ground. The Gelk has many species, but most of them have a great jump distance as well as an average speed of 30 mph and because of these mighty legs they make a formidable defense being able to deal devastating kicks and although the Gelk does not sound flexible, you think wrong the Gelk can do roundhouse kicks and can role over knock of things on it. Ummm maybe I have to rethink my idea of riding one, but hey you can at least try, trust me those things go fast!

PS: The Gelk is the founder's favorite creation

PS2: "The Four Gelkmen of the NOTApocalypse" are only canon to the Racoona Blobile and don't exist in Blob world

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Non-canon drawing of the Gelk by Catsarejustshortferrets

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