NAME: Fugion

LIFESPAN: 10-19 years

CLASS: Medium tier 6

DIET: Mostly red meat, but will eat reptiles, birds, as well as fruits and nuts

PREDATORS: It has various predators above medium tier 1

FAMILY: knine

TYPE: Mamileon

TREE: Hipocandus

PLACES IT INHABITS: It lives in lush wooded areas in the eastern hemisphere

NAME MEANS: False fusion

COLORS: It's a light tan with even a lighter coloration on its longer fur


the Fugion is a 4 foot mammul and is uswaly not one indivigual but tow. on most indiviguals you can see tow tales and fore limbs and eyes. but wait its not a ziptic animul. it has tow necks, heads and fore ears. wait thats elegul... but on a clocer inspecton its tow indiviswuals. ones just hiding in the others fur and hoilding on. but more on that later. the Fugion unlike other knine critters has a long slinder and flexible neck with large pointed ears and large pointed frunt teeth and are vary fluffy in the torsle, chest and wast.

the Fugion like ive said earlyer is uswaly tow non conectid indiviguals, ones just hideing in the others fluff. the reason for this is to confuse its pray and preditors. it dose this by fuseing and unfuseing (not actual fuseing, it just looks like that) to confuse its target, some how this works, and how this pritty unifide partnership works so well betwen to indiviswals formed is uknown. now you might be wondering on ho a fuson will fuse with, well you will uswaly find aldults with the oppasit gender in witch is probaly there mate, (sence fugions aree one of the animules ho truly mate for life) and sometimes you will find young fused. well this is just temperary intell one of them find a nonreatid mate. aldults can be like this too but this is just becuse one of them arent in the dateing world at the moment, just think of them as homes. (allso becuse thay are probaly siblings) and on rare accasons you will find a lone Fugion, this is becuse it probaly never found a mate or its mate died. if it dose not find a partner soon it might die due to stress, angziaty, or insanity. for humans being allone is as bad as smoking a pack of sigerots a day. for a Fugion its as bad as bad as drinking a tea spoon to a cup of bleatch a day.

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