The flysh is a genus of fish that is 5'1'' long fish that evolved its dorsal fins into working wings, thus enabaling them to fly. The flysh can swim and fly just fine, but can't be in the air for too long. They cannot roam the ground, however the flysh can perch on a branch or a rock. The flysh can stay submerged for 2 hours on average (different species may vary), but most can breathe air through their gills because they are reinforced and can't collapse in air. The gills can dry out, so the flysh needs to hydrate their gills regularly in order to breathe. The Flysh makes nests, sometimes by using a pond or a puddle, or by making a waterproof nest filled with H2O in a tree or any viable area. The parent flysh needs to spit out old water and spit in new and fresh water on a daily basis.They will also have to clean the youngster's droppings, feed them and care for them in different ways depending on the species

On average a flysh will have a strong muscular tail, two big and strong wings, as well as two dorsal fins, but these traits vary among different species of the flysh.

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