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A cannon drawing of a soon to be mother Drat foraging for food by jl0773

NAME: Drat

LIFESPAN: Many species have different lifespans with being between 10-30 years

CLASS: Small tier 5 to large tier 1

DIET: All species are omnivores

PREDATORS: Many different species have different predators


TYPE: Mamileon

TREE: Hipocandus


NAME MEANS: Many species have a different meaning to their name

COLORS: Different spices have many different colors that are mostly black, brown or gold


The Drat has a wide variety of breeds and variants that are 6 inches to 5 feet in height, Drats are the main Hipocandus predator and was one of the ultimate victors in the great turf wars event, most Drats have fingers complete with possible thumbs, and a long usually hairless tail, and the usual build of a Drat is like any other Knine, but thanks to there survival and their excellent ability to thrive easily in many events the Drats were able to fill out special and amazing niches, so their appearances may vary in big ways

In what ways you may ask? well for ex, the hunched drat, this drat isn't hunched because of bad posture, it just appears hunched BEEcause it has a beehive attached to its fur and will protect the drat, or the bearded Drat, a less impressive specimen, but impressive none the less, it can intimidate by raising its facial hair as a thrill to scare off predators much like the Diloposuras, or like the mastery at sewing, the Stuffed drat, a Drat that can make a suit for itself to suit its environment, those are just the surface of examples of the many Drats, Also because of most Drats having hands they can do parkour to better chase there pray, so BEE careful :) but seriously, these guys can kill you. So have a plan B in a case.

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