Blob world is a skeptic zoology ":;.,';;., where you slowly develop and change your creature in literally any way you want by using muscles, tendons, skin, bone, and other things to help you survive in this new strange world that is closer to Earth than you think. There are many things that can harm or even kill you like the strange new creatures in Blob World like the killolap, gelk, and the feared blobwordean vulture! ext. Other things that can be friend or foe. Even strange natural disasters occur! With more dangers out there, you're going to need this wiki! In this wiki, you will learn about the many beasts (that I mentioned befor) which are in the three trees of life: Ours the hipocandus, the ziptics whith six limbs for eyes and two tails (anthrobods and invertebrates may vary), and the crozys whith only two limbs (anthrobods and invertebrates may vary) and strange new places like the Boilomenasent Caves, the Crystal Plateau, and the Figi Forest. as well as some other places to help you survive (coming soon) in this world! All of it in the world. Blobworld I will make in the future.

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