The Blob World Role-Playing Game or BWRPG is a trilogy explaining a plot happening some 400 years after the events of the Blob World game that not only explains a new plot, but also a lot of the series' lore and the past existance and extinction of humans as well as raccoona history. It has some turn-based sections with specific battle styles as well as just adventure segments.

World Map Blank2

A map showing administrative regions of Europe during the events of BWRPG2.



The villain is a creature of pure darkness and made of something from long, long ago and threatens to destroy and eat Blob World. It has arisen recently, and your job is to stop it.

Pre-Blob World


Stage 1


Stage 2


Final Stage



In BWRPG2, you start in Raccoona Naveki, where you had earlier taken shelter. You talk to some townspeople, then you get on your way.





Outside Main Storyline




The player is a raccoona that can be customized at the beginning of the game.


A raccoona you start your adventure with.


Another raccoona you start your adventure with.



Historian of Justice

Head of RAG

Head of Intelligence

Head of the Electoral Society

The Claymaker

A mysterios Aquatic full of personality. He has unknown origins involving the king. He sells you clay goods and other necessities.

The Librarian

She owns a small library, and wears glasses. She can let you rent books that can teach you how to deal with the creaturs, can show you on how to craft certain things, what to eat in the wilderness, and many other things.

The Blacksmith

Can sell you scrap metal and metal weapons. You can sell him spare weapons, scrap metal, and other metal objects.

The Vloceon Gang

A group of young individuals that vandalize and steal things. Jack is enemies with all twenty them. Jack usually wins against them in street fights, somehow.

The Bartender

Just a regular bartender that sells you food, and somehow apears in every bar you encounter h


The king's lead guard. He is a boss you will fight at a certain point of the first game.

Kingdom of Raccoonas

The future raccoona nation in which this all takes places.


In this future, the majority of Earthen raccoonas united to form one union of raccoonas to have balance between all breeds and all peoples. Everything for this society is equally distributed, poverty is zero, unemployment is zero (aside from elders and children), and the only real difference are the raccoonas themselves and their jobs. The most coveted job, not that raccoonas covet much, is being the "Halmbad" or "Halmbadul" or "Rackona" or "Rakkonat." Basically, the king of this Raccoona Kingdom. The king only collects taxes and has a first-authority control over some segments of government, but beyond that, it's more of a title. Where things really go down are between the three consuls. In the BWRPG1 and BWRPG2, the consuls are an Orkenide who knows a lot about human history and what's really going on. He's the oldest of the group, and has had his fair share of expieriences. The Head of RAG is a young Farle who believes he can predict the future. The middle-aged Timad is an extremely knowledgable and intelligent raccoona who is Head of Intelligence. Often nicknamed "Supercomputer ___," his abilities are way beyond that of the typical raccoona.

The rest of the Council of the Raccoonas number 23, and they do not have much of an important role, being simple tax collectors, police, or generals without much say, but the big three: The Historian of Justice, the Head of RAG, and the Head of Intelligence all have the highest role. They decide if the king's descisions are correct or sane.

The King's job is to collect taxes and his firts-authority role in government allows him to appoint the next king, pass any law, open the military constraints, and decide what the nation needs. Up until before the beginning of BWRPG, there was no military, but the king decided that if, in any event any creature may attack, there needs to be a military. He did this as his Historian of Justice "Halem Orlankes" mentioned the one war raccoonas ever had, which was the "War of Speeds." It was a simple battle against wildlife that was soon brought to an end. It lasted 16 days. The raccoonas in general have never been in or expierienced anything close to a war, so something as mild as that brought fear to the king who decided that there should be a military.

However, the entirety of the Head Consul (The Big 3) have to make sure the king's descisions are correct and sane. They need to make sure everything is right for the nation in any sense.

Government Head Descision

The government has three "branches:" The Council of Raccoonas, the King, and the Electoral Society. The Electoral Society is a group of raccoonas (The number varies throughout time, but usually around 12) who will contain and group all of the ballots and votes and polls into one HQ in Cormad (around where Congo is today). Cormad is the Electoral Capital of the Raccoona Kingdom, and that's where all ballots and polls come from, and where all votes and surveys go, and most importantly, who the next Head of Government will be.

The king has the first-level authority to appoint the next king, so if you don't actually know the king, you probably will not be the king. However, the king's descisions are advised by the Electoral Society. They take ballots of who should be king, their strengths, find the candidates and, most importantly, make sure the king does not choose anybdoy who would abuse their power in anyway. This is not a common thing, but some terminal illnesses and Mycaelliaholok can cause raccoonas to act in ways that would be very dangerous for the nation. So, one of the orders of Electoral Government is that "Any raccoona who happens to have a threating illness that effects the mind, causing them to have health, thought, or social problems must not be allowed to sit on the Rakkonat Throne due to a possibility of unsafety for the Kingdom of Raccoonas." -Per the 18th Right Letter, clause 12, "Hamenry Hamelden."

Once the candidates have been chosen, the Electoral Society will enter "Vote Year," a term that happens every 12-18 years depending on the situation. When Vote Year is announced, all raccoonas within voting age are to go to their nearest ballot, drop in their vote, and those votes are sent to Cormad accross the year. The first half of the year is for voting, the second half is for making sure everybody who wants to vote has voted, and making sure that all votes are not tampered with, and all votes are sent to Cormad on time for Voting Day, the last day of the year. Once all these results are pulled in, they are given to the king. The king then takes all these votes, candidates, their information, their attributes, and their qualities, and gives them a look. The king will be busy with this for the first month until he announces "Election Day," the day in which he and his Three Consuls have decided will be the next king. On Election Day, he turns on all radio stations/microphones (poorer places without access are sent newspapers from the local News Department), and he announces who will be the next king.

As mentioned earlier, places without radio access are given this information by the local News Department. One of the reasons Election Day is decided beforehand is so the News Department can get this information to the public. They are the first to know who the next king will be, and they make sure all news is printed and ready to be there for everybody on Election Day. One of the laws in the juridistiction of the first Raccoona Kingdom (Timash) was that if the News Department let out this information locally, they will be fined. This is because all information about the next king was to only be distributed by the king since that was where things could be confirmed. Since North Timad Raccoonas are rather gossipy, many of the early kings would give fake information to the actual News People, and the paper would have the correct one. This isn't so much a problem during the events of BWRPG.

The Electoral Society takes votes and numerizes them with the top computers to calculate who the peoples have nominated for the Council of Raccoonas positions along with each position nominated. These are sorted through, and the candidates are found. Once found, the ballot for who will be the next consul of each position is let out, and toward the end of the year, the information is gathered, and the next consuls are found. They are then announced on Election Day, when the old Council is asked to step down.

Administrative Regions

To better manage the nation, it is broken up into multiple administrative regions. These regions contain the government for which the Electoral Society finds the candidates for. It is also where the nation can be easily governed in smaller areas so the king does not have so much stress. The manager of these regions has a king-like role in that he appoints the next member by the Local Electoral Society in the same way the next king is elected. The manager, however, does not have any consuls, and they do not have many rights and abilities, either.

Types of Administrative Regions

These are the types of administrative regions


A First-level administrative region is the normal level the nation is broken down into. These smaller locations are governed my managers who govern over Second-Level administrative regions.

Type Definition Color
Otul A division without a seperate manager, aside from the many Second-Level divisions within it. It is governed by the king on a governmental status, and the land is one that he has direct control of in a way similar to that of the manager for each of their different administrative regions Cyan
Haker There are only 3 hakers in the nation. A haker, again, does not have a manager, but rather than being governed by the king on a governmental status like the Otul, the haker is governed by the king on a personal status. That is, the king owns and has full control over the land, and he can do whatever he wants with it as long as it is legal. These three hakers exist in Cormad, Konzultown, and a personal area of the king's choice, likely his own heritage or home. Dark Green
Goereat The leader of a goereat does not have much control over the region. The manager, called a Gorat, mainly organizes the government there, and collects ballots for any vote happening as well as manage the News Department to some extent. Aside from that, the king has more control. Green
Speukale A speukale is a Second-Level region acting on a First-Level status. That is, a city of sorts that has control over an area completely outside any other First-Level divsion. These speukales are also indepented of rule by the king or the Koprtyl, so they are almost their own micronations. Almost. They still have to abide by the law, and still participate in any sort of event going on within the nation. Their ballots are collected for the overall leader of the nation by the Electoral Society, but aside from that, they're mostly on their own. The king has the authority to grany different speukales different special authorities. We can see this in BWRPG1 where he grants one speukale shelter for Suzy and the player during their quest. Dark Yellow
Koprtyl There are 2 koprtyls in the nation. They are Konzultown and Cormad. The koprtyl is technically a Second-Level division as well as a First-Level division. They each have their own government branch (Konzultown having both the Council and the king) inside them, and these branches act seperately from any other First-Level division. However, the actual city in which the koprtyl is located is governed by a mayor, making them a Second-Level division. They are also exceptional because they host the government inside them. White
Orelavance Orelavance or Orvancs are semi-autonomous regions within the nation. That is, they still have to vote in ballots for the overall nation and pay taxes as well as follow overall nation law, but they are seperate beyond that. The king does not have any concern with them, and although the king will typically defend them from anything, they're not required to. Yellow
Nelven A smaller unit of government led by one leader who follows the king's descisions. The king does not have absolute control like with a haker, but they do have the greater authority in nelven government. When the Second Nation (Heligas and Northfarlea) was incorporated into the Kingdom of Raccoonas, there nation was divided into nelvens, so much of the current nelvens of the nation are within old Heligas territory. Blue
Korbekaak The most common form of government, the korbekaak has their own control that can still be authorized by the king, but has overall seperate control. It's popular because the rights of the people, the manager, and the main government (king and council) are all almost equally balanced, with the peoples having a slightly higher stand in the spectrum. Red
Hornels The hornel's hornelius (manager) has different rights than usual. They have control over the News Department entirely, but not much over the land or the people in the land. The people control the land leaving the responsibility mainly up to the citizens to make sure everything is functioning in their little society. Purple
Vrmbthak Vrmbthaks often consist of a minor council within their region. The appointment process is more reminiscent of the overall government of the Raccoona Kingdom. They still have lower authority than the overarching authority, but the electoral process is different than with most nations Magenta
Konasak The konasak has no leader and is completely relient on Second-Level administration and the peoples. The Electoral Society is the highest form of government, and the people vote almost weekly on what new things should be put in place sort of like how a manager would. Orange
Zam The zam is a rare form of government only existing in one location. In the zam, the manager has control over the elections and the news. There is no Electoral Society, just advisors and higher-ups that will help with the zamming's descision. This can allow power to get extremely out of hand, but due to the zammings personally choosing the next zamming, their descision will not typically be one of wrong, and if it may be, the advisors are sent to the Council of Raccoonas, and they will decide if the current zamming should be removed from office. Brown

These are like cities and towns. Even smaller regions governed by managers.

Type Definition Notable Examples in the Series
Municipality A municipality is an incorporated settlement in which a group of clustered raccoonas live under the juridistction of a mayor. The mayor has laws for the city to follow along with the laws of the nation, and directs votes and news to the head of the First-Level region, whatever that region may be.
Ward A ward is a district in which a group of raccoonas with the same job live. They are usually clustered around a great workzone in which they have to do their job. They are under the juridistiction of the nearest municipality, town, village, or metropolis' mayor. Wasterland
City A city is a settlment of raccoonas that is incorporated, and under the juridistiction of an elected mayor by the people of the city in a personal election. This election does not have an Electoral Society, just volunteer ballot collecters that are routed to the mayor. Cormad, Konzultown, Raccoona Naveki, Timash City
Town A town is a small settlement in which an elected mayor has control over, but strictly in the land, not the people living in the land. The people are free, only bound by law, which makes a town quite a happy place to be. Severka, Lakesville
Hamlet An unincorporated settlement of 2-70 people. If it exceeds that limit, it is a village. The settlement is not considered an administrative region necissarily, but it is still a settlement, and is legally under the control of the main government of the nation, even if it isn't legally administered as a seperate region.
Village An unincorporated settlement that is recognized as an autonomous region within a First-Level region.
Township An unincorporated settlement much like the hamlet, except bigger, and it has permissions to elect an unofficial mayor.
Metropolis A metropolis is a large cluster of incorporated Second-Level Administrative Regions all close together. There is no juridistiction, but they are classified as one division from time-to-time to avoid confusion. Konzultown-Laktiva Metro Area
Commune Any Second-Level division that does not fall into any of these categories is considered a commune.



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