The Blob World Guidebook

The book you recieve after completing 3 tasks in your game. It allowes you to view information about anything in the Blob World ranging from wildlife, vegetation, materials and biomes to raccoonas, Philosophy, religion, culture, history, architecture and strategies.

You can add onto your guidebook by touching new vegetation, materials, orwildife, and a missing page will fall out of it. The page is added to your guidebook as the Base Page.

Finding more missing pages hidden in different places can help further extend your knowledge and your guidebook. Missing Pages are typically new strategies, but can occasionally include clip notes and explorers notes. Clip notes are left by raccoona researchers, and are usually earned by doing tasks or completing quests. They are small notes clipped onto your guidebook page that explain some things.

What is Blob World?

Blobworld is a Fictional / skeptic zoology wiki where we treat everything as if it was real.


A season is a timed a set or sequence that defines when an organism was created this is also useful when looking at the history of the blob world.

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3: introduced strategy builds, that is, creature bases that you can upgrade to get to be that creature.



The animals in blob world are NPCs, but you can make your creature look like one if you want. It's up to the player on how thay look to survive.



Discovered Classes: Crozies,Ziptics,Mamileon,Reptilion,Herbivores,Omnivores,Carnivores,Insectivores.




Found : Flat Plains

Edible : ✓

Rarity : Common



You haven't discovered any history yet comeback later.




Materials found here: Jungle Wood, Coco, Vine, Melon, soggy dirt, silt, water, marsh water, marsh grass, sand

Examples: Amazon


Materials found here: Granite, coal, diorite, basalt, water, snow, pack snow, ice, pack ice, alpine weed

Examples: Himalayas

and many more including

Taiga Biome, Acidland Biome, Deep Sea Biome, Cave Biome, volcano Biome, Antarctic Biome, Mushroom Forest Biome, Arctic Tundra, Desert Biome, Freshwater, Savanna Biome, reef biome, Plains Biome



You haven't discovered any Strategies yet comeback later.



Tiers refer to the size of an Organism to class it.


Natural Disasters

You haven't experienced a natural disaster yet!

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