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Blob World!


Blob world is a skeptic zoology game where you slowly develop and change your creature in any way you want by using muscles, tendons, skin, bone, and other things to help you survive in this new strange world that is closer to Earth than you think. There are many things that can harm or even kill you like the strange new creatures in Blob World! Find beasts that can be friend or foe. Even strange natural disasters occur! With more dangers out there, you're going to need this wiki to survive! In this wiki, you will learn about the many beasts that roam the globe:

The Hipocandus
The classic tree of life we all know and love today.
The Ziptics
They have blue blood due to 98% of their tree of life lacking hemoglobin. They have hemocyanin instead. They often have a common trait of two tails, four eyes, and six limbs.
The Crozies
They always have a tail, and they typically have 2 limbs, but some species have more. They mostly have red blood, but some species have other colors of blood.

Discover strange new biomes like the Bioluminescent Caves, The Crystal Plateau and the Fungi Forest. Learn more here!

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April 20, 2020:

Season 3 Is Coming!

With a great many updates including:

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The Gogof is a tier 5 animal first introduced in Season 1. It is a common ziptic found in Flat Plains and feeds on grass. They are protective of their young and care for them unlike many other species. Their beige to light tan colors help them blend in with their plain surroundings.

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